Learning Grant
The MMYA supports and encourages projects that promote Middle Years pedagogy, encourage student learning and respond to the needs of young adolescents. MMYA has established a learning grant fund to support such ventures.  Applications should reflect how the project would enhance the education of Middle Years students. Priority will be given to those projects which are organized by students, for students, or that go beyond regular classroom learning experiences. 

Grant Monies
The maximum amount available for this school year is $2000.00.  Funds will be set aside by the MMYA treasurer and amounts will be awarded at the discretion of the MMYA executive.  Funds will be paid out within one month of the grant approval. 

Applications for Funding

Applications must be made before the project takes place. The deadlines for consideration are:
October 1st,   December 1st,   April 1st

Applicants must complete all forms and attach a separate one page summary of the project.

Please be sure to address the following in the summary:

  • How the project meets the unique needs of middle years learners and nurtures learning relationships
  • What is the experiential learning involved in the project
  • How the project connects to curriculum in meaningful ways
  • How the project recognizes and honours student voice
  • How the project enhances personal and professional growth by broadening understanding
  • How do you plan on implementing and measuring success and challenges throughout the project

Current membership required in MMYA before monies will be received.
Submit an article for publication in the MMYA Journal within six months of project completion about project highlights and/or present a session at MMYA SAGE.


Manitoba Middle Years Association