Manitoba Middle Years Association​

About MMYA

Organizational Structure

Executive Positions:

Vice President
Past PresidentTreasurer
Membership Chairperson
Journal Editor
University Liaison
Book Representative
SAGE Chairperson

Roles of Executive
Past President

  • advises and recommends policy for MMYA
  • brings recommendations of the organization to the attention of the executive
  • chairs a nominating committee and presents a proposed slate of officers for the ensuing year to the general membership at the AGM
  • mentors president

The President

  • signing officer
  • plans and chairs meetings of the executive
  • plans and chairs meetings of the general membership
  • oversees all business of the association
  • is primary contact for MTS
  • writes and sends recognition letters

The Vice-President

  • assumes responsibilities of the president in the absence of the president
  • collaborates with president in overseeing meetings and business of the association
  • assumes a leadership role within another executive position: SAGE, journal, or membership

The Secretary

  • records minutes for all executive and general meetings of the Association
  • sends copies of minutes of all minutes to all association attendees before the next meeting
  • sends copies of minutes of all minutes to the president and vice president within one week of meeting


  • keeps an accurate record of all finances
  • is a signing officer
  • prepares an audited annual financial statement
  • pays accounts as directed by the executive
  • collects assessments
  • presents an accurate financial report at all meetings
  • arranges for the purchase of courtesy recognition
  • submits signed copies of association minutes with audit
  • responsible for financial archives over a seven-year period

Membership Chairperson

  • solicits new memberships
  • maintains an up-to-date mailing list of the membership and confirms accuracy of MTS and MMYA mailing lists
  • keeps record of and updates one-year complimentary memberships to retired executive members
  • confirm that official SAGE registration forms are sent to MTS

SAGE Chairperson

  • chairs the professional development committee responsible for SAGE conference
  • is a SAGE representative at MTS
  • communicates with speakers and presenters

Journal Editor

  • assumes responsibility for the presentation and distribution of the MMYA Journal
  • collaborates with membership chair to involve teacher candidates in SAGE with the goal of contributing to the MMYA winter journal.


  • maintains MMYA archives including:
  • History of the Association
  • The Constitution
  • Handbook: Operating Guidelines
  • A Record of Professional Development and Journals
  • a record of executive Members
  • a record of meeting minutes

Book Representative

  • is responsible for maintaining and updating Middle Years resources
  • will share recommendations for resources at monthly meetings and present purchase orders for approval
  • will arrange for book sales at various venues, including SAGE.
  • provides an updated asset list to treasurer on a monthly basis.
  • will oversee the web page and communicate with Web page designer

 University Liaison

  • will facilitate connections between pre-service and practising teachers
  • involved in ongoing dialogue regarding Middle Years philosophy and practise between Universities and the association.

The Manitoba Middle Years Association, in its constitution, recognizes that a developmentally responsive Middle Years School culture includes:

  • Professionals who recognize and understand the unique developmental needs of the Middle Years learner
  • School structures that will nurture learning relationships between teachers and students as well as among teachers and among students
  • Effective teaching practices which emphasize experiential learning, integrating curricular areas and linking curriculum in meaningful ways to students’ life experiences
  • Authentic assessment practices that incorporate “as”, “for” and “of” students’ learning experiences.
  • Recognizing and honouring student voice as an integral part of the teacher-student learning relationship
  • A broad learning experience which encourages students to explore the provincial curricula meaningfully with an emphasis on integrating subject areas
  • Teaching practises that continuously strive to meet the diverse intellectual, social/emotional and physical needs of Middle Years learners.
  • Fostering community relationships
  • An understanding that the journey through the Middle Years is as important as the destination

MMYA aims to foster and promote this culture in Manitoba schools through a collaborative association with the Association for Middle Level Education, the Manitoba Teacher’s Society and Manitoba Universities.


  • To provide a voice that represents the unique needs of Middle Years students.
  • To provide a forum for professional dialogue and professional development among Middle Years educators.
  • To develop professional networks and to foster learning communities that support the sharing of resources, research, and general ideas related to Middle Years education.